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The majority of companies today that require steam for their production use are turning to highly technical, highly efficient boiler plants.

These types of plants cost many hundreds of thousands of dollars as capital expenditure and many thousands of dollars per year in both maintenance and service.   The production plant itself generally relies on the steam being provided from the boiler for its smooth and efficient operation.    Without this steam or interruption to supply, a shutdown will occur

The boiler by law must be maintained in a safe working condition and legislation is extremely strict regarding this matter.   Just as strict are the requirements of those that operate the boiler – Boiler Attendants.

As technology has developed in the manufacture of the boilers, and its sophisticated management systems, so the boiler attendant must be a highly trained expert.

About UsHe is required to check a major piece of equipment in its operating state and determine that this piece of equipment not only is operating efficiently but also is operating in a safe manner.   He is then required to sign the Logbook stating that this is the case.


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